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Britex Fabrics Store

for Britex Fabrics

Britex Fabrics is a historic fabric retailer in San Francisco that sells high quality sewing materials for fashion designers and hobbyists. After leaning on their brick-and-mortar location for decades, they decided to create an online store with a simple and modern design.


Britex needed an e-commerce solution that was “minimalist”, easy to maintain for marketing, and featured the products in an elegant way.

Project Info


Britex Fabrics needed a modern and user-friendly digital storefront that could support custom item information to manage inventory.


Partner with a digital agency to set up the architecture for an e-commerce site while crafting a straight-forward website design that mapped to their established brand identity.

High Fidelity Designs



We looked over other competitors and e-commerce options and settled on a straight-forward banner option for category and home pages with product and product filter options below. For the mobile and responsive experience, I condensed certain sections to bring the products higher on the page.

High Fidelity Designs

Category Page


Item Page


I added a “Related Products” section that curated new items based on their internal tagging system and supported more areas for search and inventory management.